Lockdown, Furlough and panic buying flour... Sound Familiar?

We don't like the C-word here at Glasgow Bakers, but you know what we mean... We felt inspired during the challenging year that is 2020 to start something new and appealing for everyone. Don't get us wrong, we did have a few days in our Jammies watching Netflix, but we had bigger plans...

We have created what we hope to be, a great online destination and resource for bakers within Glasgow, and beyond. All members are encouraged to take up the wooden spoon or spatula no matter what their skill level. Created by bakers, for bakers as well as wannabe Paul Hollywoods', we are here to support all ages and abilities.

Based in Glasgow and focussed on the local community, we offer locally sourced Scottish ingredients and quality 'must-have' British manufactured baking wares delivered to your door.

Be it one of our bread-making kits, ingredients you can’t find elsewhere or having a go at something a little different from our recipe archive we want you to get involved, support our growing community and amaze your family and friends.

As part of our ongoing commitment to sustainability and looking after our local environment we have implemented a seven-point green policy. We hope you will help us to achieve our green goals!



What exactly do we offer here at Glasgow Bakers?

Great question! We strive to make baking accessible to all by offering great value products for the master baker and 'out of the box' baking packages including both ingredients and high quality tools to allow you to jump straight into baking without agonising over a shopping list or picking up the wrong products (which we all know will end up at the back of your dry store cupboard for years to come)...

As well as providing you with EXACTLY what you need to get started, or supercharge your existing skills, we are also as equally dedicated to bringing together a community of bakers to share recipes, engage in digital challenges and when the time is right the occasional social event so you can meet your fellow bakers.

Baking Together


Join us on our private Facebook group and join in our very active discussions!

Each month we will feature technical challenges, our ingredient of the month and our ever-popular 'Sunday Surgery', where we tackle those frustrating baking glitches together. 

To join, click below and answer the simple questions (just so we know you've understood the rules, we are a friendly bunch) and meet some new friends, and join in our monthly challenges.

Chocolate Workshop


Giving you exactly what you need... No-fuss

We are busy working with some of the biggest and best suppliers in Scotland of organic, natural sea-salt and we are developing our own brand of top-notch quality flour to make sure the ingredients in our baking boxes are local, sustainable and high quality.

Currently in development are our own brand of essential baking tools, which will help make your time in the kitchen run just that little bit smoother... getting the timings right is up to you, but we'll be here to hold your hand if you get stuck.



Our team is an incredible source of information, inspiration, and dedication to everything we stand for. As businesses live or die by the people who run it we think we are very fortunate to have some fantastic employees. Glasgow bakers are all about its people, and these are four we think you should get to know!



Head Honcho

Ian is a trained pastry chef and skilled baker. A passionate, ex-fashion photographer, he now concentrates his other loves, food and the outdoors! As the owner of Glasgow Bakers, you’ll often find him making deliveries or taking part in the baking group challenges and discussions. With a growing network of local contacts, a keen eye for detail and reputation for quality, we are thrilled to have him at the helm of the ship.




The brawn behind the brains, Boris is our resident powerlifter and cake maker. Winning gold in last years LGBTQ International Powerlifting Competition in his category, Boris enjoys his spare time preparing food and making cakes that he shares with everyone. German-born but native to Glasgow, Boris moonlights as a school teacher so is often in charge of making sure the team are working efficiently and behaving themselves.



PR & Marketing

Our creative genius. If it looks pretty it is most likely his handy work. Ryan works for us on a freelance basis which we are told enables him to keep the creative juices flowing, and who are we to argue? He’s a technical whizz kid, social media guru, and Ryan is most likely your point of contact on the Facebook page. In his spare time, he is often found in his kitchen’s ‘bread zone’ knocking up a loaf or two.



Mischief in Chief

We’re so lucky to have such a wonderful wee pup to keep us entertained. Large and in charge, chunky yet funky, this is our little rambunctious fur baby. Dexter loves chicken, homemade biscuits, and we often spy him paying very close attention (from a safe distance) to what goes on in the kitchen.



At Glasgow Bakers, we are always on the hunt for new recipes, event opportunities, collaborations and wholesale pricing for our products. Stockist or supplier? We're here to answer your questions!

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