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Getting Started With Your Sourdough Starter

If you have reached this page you have no doubt picked yourself up one of our marvellous starter cultures and you are now ready to get cracking! But before you do its best that you take the time to understand what you need to do to properly cultivate your starter culture.

We have written three guides which you can use to ensure perfect bakes every time!



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Good to Know

Give your starter a good home and feed him/her regularly and you will be baking beautiful loaves for years to come! Find out how with this guide.


Important Info

Once your starter is nice and active you are ready to bake! Be it brilliant breads or other tasty sourdough treats we have outlined how to do just that in this guide.


Minimise Waste

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Farm Milled Strong White Bread Flour

Farm Milled Strong White Bread Flour



The Best Baking Experience

Often our best baking comes when we are able to get answers to questions, share our experiences or take inspiration from our peers. For this reason we have set up a dedicated group where we can collectively share knowledge and improve our skills. The Glasgow Bakers Group has monthly challenges, friendly discussion, and gives you a platform to shine. Why not post a picture of your latest bake and introduce yourself?

Additionally we have a range of locally sourced Scottish ingredients and ethically produced baking equipment in our online store. Choose between our variety of flours & artisanal seasonings or perhaps pick up a book to develop your skills further? 


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